i3 Associates works with remuneration committees, boards and senior executives of major companies in Europe and the Middle East. Typical engagements involve one or more of:

  • design of long-term incentive plans
  • review of executive reward strategy
  • independent advice and support to remuneration committee
  • design or review of management and executive incentive plans
  • review of reward strategy for management and staff

Our consultants are recognised executive remuneration experts who have held senior roles in global consultancy firms and have consulted at Board or senior executive level with many of the world's leading companies.

We add value by bringing to clients our knowledge and experience of remuneration practices and regulatory requirements in multiple cultures and markets, and our insights into how and why those practices have evolved. We help clients develop and implement reward strategies and incentive plans that fit best with their own business strategy, organisation, culture and shareholder expectations.

Many clients are leading companies in their home countries and aim to develop their own world class reward practices - they feel they cannot do this solely by studying local peer companies or relying on locally based advisers. We provide the answer to this.